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Read on to know what our owner has to say about Popcorn Etc.:


Popcorn Etc. was established in Corpus Christi, TX in the early 80s and has been locally owned and operated since then. It's no wonder why so many people come in and share their memories of this gourmet treat from their childhood. I myself have those fond memories, which make it even more unbelievable that I now own the place!


I became the owner of Popcorn Etc. in August 2007. With the help of family and friends, we overhauled the little popcorn shop. We added a fresh coat of paint, a new carpet, and constructed new counters, counter tops, and walls. "Out with the old and in with the new" was sort of the approach we took, but only on the "cosmetic" side. For over 25 years I had been coming to Popcorn Etc. and although times had changed and a facelift was well in need, I still wanted to preserve the "mom-and-pop" type atmosphere.


All the recipes in their entirety were passed down to me and although as easy as it seems to make popcorn, it took me a good five to six weeks to perfect each recipe - now I can offer you gourmet popcorn that is honestly the best (I think) it's ever been. Come give Popcorn Etc. a try, and see if it doesn't trigger any childhood memories for you! It's good to know some things never change. . .THEY ONLY GET BETTER!

Farewell to a dear man...

Gonzalo R. Cabello

January 10, 1930 - January 6, 2012

As l stated earlier, I would frequent Popcorn Etc. as a child with either my parents or older siblings. Once I married and moved away from Corpus, you can bet every trip home had me visiting Popcorn Etc. I remember vividly the events that led up to me purchasing Popcorn Etc. My husband was in the Marine Corps stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana. We had just bought our house in Slidell, LA six days before Hurricane Katrina. After Katrina our lives were turned upside-down. I returned home (to Texas) with our three children and Claude was sent to Dallas, TX. During this time, I frequented Popcorn Etc. and secretly thought of how nice it would be to "buy out" Mr. Cabello and own Popcorn Etc. myself. . . little did we both know that that was exactly what would happen. As our time in Texas came to an end and our house repairs from Katrina were complete, the kids, Claude and I returned to a city still unsure of where it was going. So much was destroyed by Katrina that it would take many years to rebuild. That being said, the children and I once again packed up our bags and returned to Texas in 2007 and I began working for a land developer. One evening on my way home I stopped at Popcorn Etc. . . .  and that is where my story begins. Mr. Cabello and I had the nicest conversation and somewhere in our conversation I think he realized that I was "it" - the person he was waiting for to entrust his precious popcorn shop to. . . something he and his wife, Zoila, had lovingly worked together at for 20 years.


I left with butterflies in my stomach and hardly got a wink of sleep that evening. . . For the following day, I made up my mind. I would become "the Popcorn Lady". I bought Popcorn Etc. the next morning and for four and a half years built an unforgettable friendship with a truly remarkable man. I can only hope to meet as many people as he did in his life, put smiles on as many faces, touch as many hearts and fill the big shoes he left behind. He will be truly missed!


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